Alright, here it is: The submissions guidelines for The First Wannabe Press Anthology! Wannabe Press will be doing their first comic book anthology in 2017 and we are now accepting submissions for it! Check out the rules below! 

Title: Monsters and other Scary Shit.

Submission Deadline: Pitches by July 31st. Final pages by October 31st, 2016

Page Count: 1-15 pages

Color: Either color, single tone, or black/white is fine

Length: 150 pages

Format: Hardcover 8.5 x 11 70 lb paper (super classy)

Age range: 13+ so no porn. Pretty much anything else is okay.

Tone: Dealer's choice. We prefer something that infuse a bit of comedy, but no requirements for tone.

Submission expectations: You will deliver final pages, including final art, by October 31st. Story and sketch submissions by July 31st.

Subject: Monsters, both real, imagined, and psychological

Prospectus: This is a book about monsters, but not just the Godzilla monsters you are used to seeing in movies. I'm talking all kinds of monsters. Yes, you can use those types of monster if you want. However, pedophiles are monsters. Murderers are monsters. Terrorists are monsters. Computer viruses are monsters.

This anthology is about monsters real, imagined, and psychological. So you are free to use monsters from fantasy, scifi, horror, or any other genre. You can also use monsters found in real life, or ones you dream up.

This is also about other scary shit that isn't monsters, like dying and public speaking and phobias. So you can either include monsters of any type or other scary shit of any type. 

Rules: The only rule is that there has to be some type of monster as described above in the book. You do need to have some visual element to the stories, but they can be Shel Silverstein-eque, or comic books, or zines, or anything you own the copyright to use.

Pay: 10% gross sales divided among all creators based upon total pages included (if you did 15 out out 100 pages in a $50 book, you would receive a royalty of $.75 for that book). Please note that gross is defined by the amount received minus cc transaction fees, distributor fees, and other fees. However, this is not net. You will receive royalties.

Buying books: You can buy books @ 30% above publisher costs. That means if it costs me $10 to make, you can buy it @ $13.

Ancillaries: 50/50 split with publisher if any of the characters make it to print.

Charity: Wannabe Press will donate 5% of all gross revenue to a charity decided upon by the group. It will relate to literacy however.

And that's it. Go nuts people!