A bee filled with (e)books!

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cute bee.jpg
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A bee filled with (e)books!


All of our ebooks on a 4 gb bee hard drive. Look at how cute this bee is, and it's a functional drive too! I use this bee as my personal hard drive because it is very sleek and cute. Most usbs are either cute and impractical or ugly and functional. This bee is the exception. 

AND it's filled with all of my books on it! 

  • Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter (pdf)
  • Katrina Hates Dead Shit (pdf)
  • My Father Didn't Kill Himself (pdf, mobi, epub)
  • Spaceship Broken, Needs Repairs (pdf, mobi, epub) 
  • Gherkin Boy and The Dollar of Destiny (pdf) 
  • Gumshoes: The Case of Madison's Father (pdf, mobi, epub)
  • Sell Your Soul: How to Build your Creative Career (pdf, mobi, epub, audio)


  • Paradise #1 (pdf) 
  • Awfully Cute Sketch Book (pdf) 
  • The Little Bird and Little Worm (pdf)

Together, this is $40 worth of content, plus the bee, all for one low price. Ebook versions do not contain any extra content, but they are still awesome. Plus a BEEE!

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