Russell Nohelty ebook Starter Set

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Russell Nohelty ebook Starter Set


This starter ebook bundle is all of the books which launched my career. Mystery, sci-fi, comic books, graphic novels, and even a book I wrote and drew. You might call it my greatest hits from the first decade of my writing career. 

Books include: 

Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter - psychological horror comedy graphic novel
Katrina Hates the Dead - a Buffy-style action adventure graphic novel
Spaceship Broken - a science fiction novel about broken families
Sell Your Soul: How to Build Your Creative Career - a non-fiction guide to building your career
My Father Didn't Kill Himself - a mystery novel told all in blog posts
Gherkin Boy - an absurdist comedy about a pickle
The Little Bird and the Little Worm - a children's picture book about friendship
Gumshoes: The Case of Madison’s Father - a middle-grade mystery novel

PLUS Two short stories you can't even get on Amazon!

White Rabbit - a short mystery novel set in Wonderland
Paradise - a science fiction comic book

Normally these books sell for $27 on Amazon, but you can get them all for less than the cost of a decent lunch! 

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