This article came out last month, claiming you can't make sales through Facebook. i disagree. I checked out the author's books, and let's just say they aren't my cup of tea. The book he references only has 42 likes on Facebook, and doesn't seem to have much activity at all.

On top of that it doesn't look like he as a Facebook page at all. He's definitely not trying to find, build, or engage with his audience...which is what Facebook is built for.

So he's talking about strictly using Facebook's LEAST effective advertising method, Promoting a website. I HATE using Facebook to promote a website. I think it's incredibly INEFFECTIVE to use Facebook that way.

He doesn't talk at all about promoting likes, which I have seen as very effective, nor promoting a post, which is also pretty effective.

Additionally, the MOST effective way to target a Facebook ad is through a lookalike audience, which you can't do if you have 42 page likes.

One thing he says is true though, people want free content. In fact statistically, only 3% of the audience you give something to for free will consider paying for it.


Which means in order to make $600, you need an audience of 20,000. In order to make $6,000, you need an audience of 200,000, and to make $60,000 you need an audience of 2,000,000.

We're a long way off from that.

In another statistic I've heard, only 20% of the people that like your Facebook page are real fans. So you have to immediately cut 80% of your Facebook fans away who like your page to see who you're really targeting.

It's a very depressing statistic. Both are.

I think that's a little ridiculous, honestly. You should be able to cut that down if you have GREAT CONTENT, which is also something this guy doesn't talk about.

His content might just be crappy, so nobody will buy it. I don't know

It might be Facebook sure, but it might be other things.

People complain that they can't reach their audience with Facebook, and while it is sad we no longer live in a utopia where marketing is free, they are a business and they have to make money.

And even if it is wrong, the truth of it is that's the way it is. You have to advertise a product in order to get people to buy, or come up with work-arounds to the system.

The long and short of it is this, Facebook is a tool, just like all the other tools, for marketing. If you don't use your tool effectively then you will not have good results.

You have to build a relationship with your audience, and there's fre better way to talk about who you are than Facebook.

If you don't use that, though, you're gonna have a bad time.