How to Get Started on your Career From Scratch

How you can get started from scratch: I was once where you are right now, scratching my head on where to even begin. I’d read books upon

books, researched online, read articles from thought leaders in the industry, and still have no idea what

to do in order to get started.


From ten years of painstaking failure and glorious success, here’s three things you can do to get started

right now, if you’ve got nothing done.


1. Create (and finish) stuff.

This sounds funny, but almost every single person I talk to has thought about or started a

project. Almost NONE of them have finished one. Either they are scared to finish, or they keep

tinkering with half-finished drafts, or they worked on outlines for years without finishing. 99.9%

of the time it’s because they don’t think their project is good enough.

I know it’s scary, but there’s great news. Everybody sucked at first. Nobody was good. Not one

person wrote their first piece, or drew their first project, or started their first business, and

knocked it out of the park. Remember what Jake the Dog said “Sucking at something is the first

step to being kind of good at something”. The only thing that separates you from somebody else

is how quickly you can suck at something, fail, and make something else, because each new

thing is going to be better than the last.


2. Meet people, show your work (and build a list).

I like to meet people, but it’s also very draining…especially when you have to show them your

work. I mean they could hate it, they could throw it down, they could insult you. It’s a horrible

feeling the first time.

Here’s the thing though…that first time doesn’t matter. All that matters about that first time is

that it’s closer to the ten thousandth time when you actually have a great product. By then it

won’t phase you. But it’s going to phase you at first. It’s going to hurt at first. The first time

somebody rejects your work is awful. Frankly, it’s a little awful every time, but by the millionth

time it gets better.

But when you meet somebody that likes your stuff, friend them on social media, put them on

your mailing list, and connect with them NOW. Build your list now because that list of your

friends and fans is the most valuable thing in the world.


3. Don’t worry about people not resonating with your projects.

Think about this. Stephen King has sold 300-350 million books. By all measurements that’s a

huge success, right? I don’t think anybody would complain about those numbers.

However, there are 7 BILLION people in the world, which means best case scenario 95% of people

have NOT bought his books.

That doesn’t account for the fact that many of his books were sold to repeat customers either!

Which means one of the bestselling authors only has at most 5% of the total audience of the

world willing to buy his book.

When you think about it like that, rejection doesn’t sound so scary right?


Russell Nohelty is a writer, publisher and consultant. Check out to get a head start on your career.