Where I Started and How I got Here

I feel like a grizzled veteran, talking about how I got started, but I guess it’s been a decade. I’m well past the point where any rational person gives up. I’m as punch drunk as any other veteran in a creative field,

and I kept standing back up until the punches stopped fazing me.


Honestly, I think that’s the key to it all: showing up and standing up. I can’t tell you how many friends I

have in this business just because we showed up and lasted long enough to earn each other’s respect.

It’s like a badge of honor, of courage, and of acceptance. Because most people don’t show up, and when

then do the weight of this business crushes them under heel.


I’m not saying that you don’t need great product. Great product is a given. Let me write that again:

GREAT. PRODUCT. IS A GIVEN. If you have great product, you are able to be in the conversation. So

many people feel as if their awesome project immediately entitles them to be accepted. It doesn’t.

Everybody in the conversation has great content. Every. Single. One of them.


That being said, having great content put me leap years ahead of most other human beings. Creatives

looked at my work and nodded approvingly – which is just about the highest compliment one can

receive. The only one higher is “I hate you a little bit for coming up with this idea before me”.


So how did I get started? I worked through the crappy content everybody does for the first 10 projects

or more, then I created better content until I felt it was truly great. After that I showed up, and kept

getting up every time the universe spit me out.


Weirdly, one day you’re fighting against the current trying to be accepted, and the next the flood gates

open and the acceptance flows like a river.


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