Episode 3: The Salvagers Kickstarter and Building a Media Brand with Bob Salley

Bob Salley is universally adored in the indie comic scene, because he is already ready to help. Seriously, if you find him online and ask him a question, Bob will open up like a geyser. I brought Bob on for two reasons:

1- He's in the middle of his next Kickstarter and since he's done a bunch of them I wanted to see how they've changed over time.
2- I wanted to see how he built his brand as on of the good guys in comics, where saying his name or the Salvagers to just about anybody will elicit a positive reaction.
Enjoy the episode. Also, please go to Kickstarter and find the Salvagers issue #5 in the comics section. Bob also has a website at http://www.salvagers.bigcartel.com/, as well as a facebook page for The Salvagers. He's also on Twitter, but as he'll talk about...that's not his strong suit.