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Live Episode 2: Long Beach Comic Expo with Don Walker, Rob Worley, Kyle Roberts, Joenell Luma, William O'Neill, DJ Kirkbride, and Joelle Sellner

We did another live event! This time at Long Beach Comic Expo! We had a great time at the show, and I came back with the froggiest of throats. However, I muscled through to show you exactly why live events are so important, and I talked to a bunch of amazing creators.

Don Walker is the creator of Agent Wild and Reaper Corps, and he is the man when it comes to Kickstarter. You can find him on twitter @dork_empire_ink and at
Kyle Roberts is a great artist. Art teacher by day, creator by night. This dude knows art! He is an artist on Kill Trent Science Sleuth with is a public domain character reimagined with new creators. It had two successful Kickstarter projects. He's also the creator of The Dark Hours, a horror western limited series. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @kyleroberts_art.
Joenell Luma is an artist and had one of my favorite marketing gimmicks at the con. He wore an apron and welding mask the whole day. I loved it. Also, his art was fantastic which always helped. He created a cute little animal called the Unicoon, which loves to cosplay. You can find him on instagram @the_zen_lu and on twitter @unicoonsarereal.
William O'Neill is an official Star Wars artist, who came up with a brilliant idea to sell his art. He took pages from old Star Wars books and drew Characters in those pages, and then framed them. I've never seen anything like it. You can find him online at and on twitter @gentlemannerd42. He also loves cosplaying as Riker from Star Trek: TNG.
DJ Kirkbride writesThe Bigger Bang for IDW and Amelia Cole for MonkeyBrain, along with co-edited Popgun, You can find him on twitter @djkirkbride or
Joelle Sellner has written tons of everything from animation to live action to comics. She's written on sorority Eva through LionsForge, Ben 10, Sonic Boom, The Avengers and more. You can find her on twitter @whereisjoelle and online   

Episode 7: Making a Living As an Artist While Working Remotely with Cat Ranson

Today we talked to Cat Ranson about living in New Zealand, in a small town, and still making a living as an artist. I think this is fascinating as somebody that living in Los Angeles and has access to much more opportunity on the surface. We talked to Cat a lot about that, but also about devaluing yourself as an artist, creating a brand, and favorite topic.

You can check out Cat on facebook @ Cat Ranson or Deviant Art @ Sunktokeca. Also, don't forget to check out our Kickstarter for My Father Didn't Kill Himself. If you want more info about Kickstarter, head to and check out our courses. Or if you want some cool comics, check out

Ranterlude 3: Is Wannabe Press Profitable?

It's a question we get asked all the time. Are we profitable? And since we just finished our taxes this is a great time to tackle it.

Sometimes I think people ask too much, but I'm glad people are talking about it, so on the other hand I'm flattered. I mean it's a valid question. We are a small press. We put out a lot of books, so are we? Unfortunately, both for us and for whomever asked, it's not just a simple yes no question. There's a lot of ins, outs, and what have yous. So I tackle both the simple answer to the question, and the much more complex answer. On top of that, I flip it back to YOU and tell you how you can use everything I've learned to help you, and what it means for your career.

Mini Season 1 -Ep 8 - Launching a Kickstarter: Focusing on Things that Work

This week...honestly not much happened with the Kickstarter. We've been really trying to focus on what works and cut out what doesn't work. You'll be surprised what doesn't work for us, even though it worked well on the last two campaigns we ran. Additionally, we talk about how important it is to just have focus, because if you know what works you can drive all your attention to it.

Ranterlude 2: Every Product Launch is Filled with Fear

Download this episode (right click and save)

Today is the soft official launch of Kickstarter University, a project I've been working on since late last year. It's a big one, our biggest launch to date, and I have big plans. However, I am today filled with dread, so I take to the air to talk about it, about KU, about why we did it, and about why I'm filled with fear today instead of excitement.

Episode 6: Getting Punched in the Gut and the Making of an Art Career with Les Garner

I loved this episode. Les has been working as a professional artist since 1992, and he's seen everything. He's been and still is a comic book artist, 3d modeler, storyboard artist and more. He's been punched in the gut by this business more times than he can count, and come out stronger on the other side. 

Les owns sixus1media ( and came on to talk about all the awesome work he does, and how hard it is to run a business in the arts. He really gets down to it, talking about how important having a partner is, and how we need to balance idealism with realism. 
All of the stuff he talks about in this episode can be found on his site 

Miniseason 1 - Ep 7 - Launching a Kickstarter: Vertical Delineation

This week we hit 100 backers! That's a huge thing for me b/c 100 backers is sort of the mark of a successful campaign. Once you get to 200+ backers we're talking mega successful, but 100 backers is a great benchmark. After we talk about that, then we talk about the mission for Wannabe Press, and why companies should be vertically instead of horizontally delineated. 


Live Episode 1: Comic Book Sunday with Gabe Gentile, Ben Jackendoff, Michael Tanner, and Brandon Perlow

This is a new experiment for The Business of Art. I'm part of a networking group called Comic Book Sunday, which is a fantastic place to meet creators, artists, writers, directors, producers, and people making a living in the business of art. So I thought it would be a good idea to talk with some of them and get their best advice on how to turn your art into a business. 

Check out our interviews with Gabe Gentile (voiceover actor), Ben Jackendoff (writer/producer/director/editor), Michael Tanner (writer, Junior Brave of the Apocalypse for Oni), and Brandon Perlow (Watson and Holmes). 

Miniseason 1 - Ep 4 - Launching a Kickstarter: Two Days After Launch

Two days after launch we talk about what it took to get there. 54 backers now, almost $1500 raised. We also talk about why Kickstarter when Kindle Scout can be so appealing. Check out the kickstarter @
Honestly, this is barely long enough to be a burp let alone an episode, but you just had 40+ minutes of content a couple of days ago. What do you want from me? So to made it up by adding a bunch of our theme sound into the outro. Thanks Kevin MacLeod!

Miniseason 1 - Ep 3 - Launching a Kickstarter: Launch Day

This is an extra special launch day episode. Extra long too. Throughout the day we come back to talk about what's happened at that moment, from pushing the launch button through the next morning wrap up. This is a RAW episode, as I'm pretty much just stream of consciousness throughout, talking about things. I may have repeated myself in different segments, but if you want to know what it's like to launch a Kickstarter, this is as real as it gets.

Episode 3: The Salvagers Kickstarter and Building a Media Brand with Bob Salley

Bob Salley is universally adored in the indie comic scene, because he is already ready to help. Seriously, if you find him online and ask him a question, Bob will open up like a geyser. I brought Bob on for two reasons:

1- He's in the middle of his next Kickstarter and since he's done a bunch of them I wanted to see how they've changed over time.
2- I wanted to see how he built his brand as on of the good guys in comics, where saying his name or the Salvagers to just about anybody will elicit a positive reaction.
Enjoy the episode. Also, please go to Kickstarter and find the Salvagers issue #5 in the comics section. Bob also has a website at, as well as a facebook page for The Salvagers. He's also on Twitter, but as he'll talk about...that's not his strong suit.

Ranterlude 1: Laying Track Even When the Chips Are Down

Today, things didn't go my way. Our website team didn't deliver our website so I had to go about creating a site from scratch. I talk about it here as a way to discuss getting through the hard times when the chips are down, and how you can keep laying track even when things don't go your way. 

This isn't an official episode of The Business of Art, so there is no intro music. However, in an effort to help out creators, as is my mission, I need to tell you everything.
The good news is our site is finally live. You can go to and see all the great courses we have to offer and the fruits of my work. 

Episode 2: Killing it at Live Shows with Gene Hoyle

Today we talk to Gene Hoyle of Nerd Nation Publishing. Gene has a history of podcasting, which is why he makes me sound so dang good. We dig into creating a comic book, making something that lasts, building on Kickstarter success, building an audience, and much more.

Gene is a great guy, and he taught me there's a huge indie comic scene in Florida that I didn't know about. I might be making my way down to Magic City Con or another big con in the future because of it.
There aren't any show notes for today, except to check out Gene's company on Facebook @ Gateway Runners and @ Nerd Nation Publishing.

Miniseason 1 - Ep 1 - Launching a Kickstarter: Two weeks out

Since we're launching a kickstarter in two weeks for My Father Didn't Kill Himself (, and because I have a kickstarter training academy, I thought it would be fun to do little mini-episodes to show exactly how we go about doing a kickstarter.

Today, we're talking about prepping a Kickstarter through Facebook events and landing pages. If you like this, check out

Episode 1: Building a Sunday Comics Empire with Marc Goldner

Today we talk to Marc Goldner of Golden Bell. He gives us an incredibly amount of insight on how to run a comics company. He recent Kickstarter raised 1700% of it's goal, and now he's back with a follow up Indiegogo.

We go deep in this one. It's long, but worth it. We talk about everything from creating an ideal client avatar, to how forming a Kickstarter doesn't mean you're going to come out in the black, even if you go way over your goal, and even how we are artists devalue our own work. You can check out Marc's Indiegogo campaign at It's already raising money even though the original campaign just finished. We also talk about Backerkit in this episode, who I absolutely love. You can check out Golden Bell on Facebook @ and on twitter @thesundaycomics.

Episode 0: Who I am and Why I Started This Podcast

In this episode we I talk about why I started this podcast, give a history of myself and my companies.

Basically, this podcast is for anybody who's a creative or business owner, bootstrapping their company, and trying to figure out how to bring more business into their art and more art into their business. I bring on people every week, except this one, who are growing their business one person at a time, utilizing social media in cool ways, and working at their passion as a career. If you want more information about my companies, Wannabe Press is the publishing company ( That's where we published Ichabod, Katrina, Gumshoes, Little Bird, and others. Our consulting practice wherein we show people how to treat their passion like a business is Kickstarter University. You can sign up for free stuff there @