Ranterlude 3: Is Wannabe Press Profitable?

It's a question we get asked all the time. Are we profitable? And since we just finished our taxes this is a great time to tackle it.

Sometimes I think people ask too much, but I'm glad people are talking about it, so on the other hand I'm flattered. I mean it's a valid question. We are a small press. We put out a lot of books, so are we? Unfortunately, both for us and for whomever asked, it's not just a simple yes no question. There's a lot of ins, outs, and what have yous. So I tackle both the simple answer to the question, and the much more complex answer. On top of that, I flip it back to YOU and tell you how you can use everything I've learned to help you, and what it means for your career.

Ranterlude 2: Every Product Launch is Filled with Fear

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Today is the soft official launch of Kickstarter University, a project I've been working on since late last year. It's a big one, our biggest launch to date, and I have big plans. However, I am today filled with dread, so I take to the air to talk about it, about KU, about why we did it, and about why I'm filled with fear today instead of excitement.

Ranterlude 1: Laying Track Even When the Chips Are Down

Today, things didn't go my way. Our website team didn't deliver our website so I had to go about creating a site from scratch. I talk about it here as a way to discuss getting through the hard times when the chips are down, and how you can keep laying track even when things don't go your way. 

This isn't an official episode of The Business of Art, so there is no intro music. However, in an effort to help out creators, as is my mission, I need to tell you everything.
The good news is our site is finally live. You can go to www.kickstarteruniversity.com and see all the great courses we have to offer and the fruits of my work.