Nobody said it was easy, but why does it have to be so hard?

My dad died on Friday. 

Since then, that Coldplay song, The Scientist, has played through my head on a loop. Except, not the whole song, just a single couplet. 

Nobody said it was easy
But why does it have to be so hard…

It played in my head as I talked to hundreds of people at Los Angeles Comic Con. I played as I laid in bed at night. It played as I drank two bottles of wine to numb the pain.

But I never actually listened to it until this morning. And goddamn it all if I didn't play it wrong in my head. Here are the actual lyrics-- 

Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard…

I personally like my way better, but who am I to criticize one of the most popular songs of my lifetime. 

I've been thinking a lot, even before my dad's death, about how hard it is to do anything of value in this world. 

Then, I realized it went deeper than that. It's so hard to do anything in this world. It's so hard just to live. 


It's so hard to just get through the day. 

Any day. 


Why is that? 

Why is it that every single human I talk to, from the most successful to the least, find life so unbearably hard, no matter whether they love the struggle or not?

I want to have an answer. I do, but the truth is that I don't. 

I have no fucking clue why it's so hard. 

But I do know that you aren't alone if it's hard for you, too. I do know that the human condition is about struggle, and persevering in the face of impossible odds. 

And if you are struggling, no matter the reason, you are in good fucking company, cuz everybody is fighting unfathomable odds. 

I try to remember that as I look into the eyes of friends and strangers alike. No matter who it is, they are fighting a struggle so hard it's nearly impossible for them to get out of bed every morning...

...and yet they do it anyway. 

Just by getting out of bed today, you are a fucking rock star. Anything else is goddamn gravy. 

And if you just can't get out of bed today, well that's okay too.