Crippling Self Doubt

I have spent most of my adult life, and certainly all of the last 18 months, building up to the release of Monsters and Other Scary Shit, my new anthology that releases on Valentine's Day.

I am calling in every favor, turning over every rock, and crossing my fingers that I've done enough good in the world and for the creative community that they show up next Tuesday and back the fuck out of the book.

I know $40 isn't chump change, but I think I've done a pretty awesome job building the page, showing the value, and building something awesome with a team of awesome creators.

Still, I won't lie. About 20 times a day I'm hit with a crippling, ungodly fear that it's all gonna come crashing down, all the work I've done will be for nothing, and I'll be back to square one again because I'm a fraud that everybody is just pretending to like so they can laugh when it blows up in my face.

That's a real, overpowering fear that is happening right now, as I write this.

This is not a call for sympathy. After all, intellectually I know it's not true, but emotions are a biiiiiitch. You can't logic your way out of them.

I'm writing this because I've heard several times in the past week that people think of me as a creator that "has his shit together"

If you believe that, and you are freaking out about your launch, then I want you to know I feel that way all the time.

You are not alone, and you can do it.