You’ve got a product. You demo it a couple times. You show it to your friends. You even talk about it on social media sometimes.You set it up on Kickstarter even! That’s supposed to be the magic formula, right? I mean every Kickstarter succeeds! But nobody is pledging! Why?

First, I’m making an assumption you have a great product that’s been product tested thoroughly, and given to people in your community (NOT just your family), and that’s people have told you they want to buy it.

But the truth is, even if you have a mediocre product, you can still sell it!


People have to know about it! It’s the first step in every process. You need to make sure you are driving people to your product, especially people who desperately need it!

I know you’re scared to show off the product. It’s against human nature to be open, vulnerable, and put yourself out there…but it’s the only way your product can succeed.

Even if you don’t have a marketing budget, you can do a few things to drive traffic, which will drive backers, and how to do it all for free!

1. Join all the communities you can related to your product.

Go to conferences, meet-up groups, join Facebook forums, and subreddits. Ask questions, provide relevant content, and learn everything about your potential buyer. Gather as big a mailing list as possible. Then, tell them about your product, get them interested, and send them to your page. If the people who need your product won’t buy it, who will?

2. Create an evite or Facebook event and invite everybody you know.

Let’s be fair, even if your friends and family don’t like your product, hopefully they will at least support you. But they can’t support you if you don’t know what to do. So you have to show them exactly what you need from them. Even though everybody knows the Kickstarter brand, not many people know how it operates. You need to lay it out for people!

3. Once you have some momentum built back up, get the press on your side.

Look, you should be cultivating press contacts all the time, but the press only wants to deal with a winner. If your project is failing there’s not going to be any interest there. However, if you can get the momentum back in your campaign, then the press will be interested again. Heck, you’ll even have a great angle about how your product was failing and now it’s succeeding. The press love stories like that.

So there are three free ways to get interest back in your Kickstarter. Are they are effective as Facebook or Twitter Ads, or other paid features? Sometimes, but not usually. Still, they are way better than having a stagnant campaign. There’s nothing that kills momentum faster than a $0 day.

Hope it helps. Make sure to check out www.freekickstartercourse.com to get your journey started on the right foot.