Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You

Over the weekend Fantastic four bombed and its director Josh Trank said some stupid stuff. Really stupid.

Especially for a director that got a massive windfall from Fox to direct the project.

And let's not discount that when we talk about him being an "artist" sticking up for his craft.

Trank was paid an exorbinent  amount of money to direct Fantastic Four.

From the company he just slammed.

For creating a product that lost them tens of millions.

That's ballsy. I mean, it's ballsy if you ever want to work again, at least with that studio, if not the industry at large.

Here's the thing.

You'll have a bomb in your career. Maybe it will be an indie bomb, or maybe a publishing house bomb, or maybe a studio bomb.

It WILL happen.

Something you love will fail. Probably something you hate will succeed too. But more importantly, something you sank tons of effort into will die a slow death.

And you'll be pissed. You'll want to blame people. You'll want to bite the hand that fed you, because it's obviously their fault it happened. They gave you bad notes. They made you change things. They are evil.

But they also paid you to do a job. They also insulated you from issues. They also marketed the project (possibly) and put their name on the project to give it life. Their fans looked over, and bought the project.

And they can pay you again. They can forgive you, if they like you. They can give you another shot. And if they won't somebody else probably will. Because bombs happen.

But if you're a dick about it, that all changes. Nobody wants to work with a dick who bites that hand that feeds them. Especially when your project bombs.

If it's super successful they have to deal with you. You make them money. But when you stop making money for them, they'll cut you real fast.

If you're nice, on the other hand, people will keep feeding you, because they like having you around. They WANT to support you, even if they don't like your work. They like YOU, and that's what is important.

So don't be a dick about it, even in failure. Because it's in failure that true character emerges.