Episode 0: Who I am and Why I Started This Podcast

In this episode we interview...me. I talk about why I started this podcast, give a history of myself and my companies.

Basically, this podcast is for anybody who's a creative or business owner, bootstrapping their company, and trying to figure out how to bring more business into their art and more art into their business. I bring on people every week, except this one, who are growing their business one person at a time, utilizing social media in cool ways, and working at their passion as a career. If you want more information about my companies, Wannabe Press is the publishing company (www.wannabepress.com). That's where we published Ichabod, Katrina, Gumshoes, Little Bird, and others. Our consulting practice wherein we show people how to treat their passion like a business is Kickstarter University. You can sign up for free stuff there @ www.kickstarteruniversity.com