Facebook isn't suppressing your posts

Alright, y'all. Here's the deal. Facebook isn't surpressing your posts.

Facebook shows your post to 1-2% of your feed.
If those people like it, then Facebook shows it to more people.

If nobody in that 1-2% likes or comments, they don't bother.

So, maybe it's not Facebook. Maybe you just wrote a shitty post.

That's okay. They aren't all winners.

We all do it.

But Facebook isn't trying to "suppress you". They are trying to deliver the best content to their customers.

Facebook has been around a long time, and they've been doing this shit for a while now.

Same. Exact. Shit.

Quite bitching about it. Learn to game the algirithm, already.

It isn't that hard.

Facebook likes quality posts that people engage with quickly. Make a post people like and Facebook will spread it like wildfire.

Those first 5-10 minutes are critical. If you don't get any traction by then, your post will die. If you do Facebook will open it up to more and more people.

As long as people like and comment, Facebook will keep sharing it with more people.

The minute engagement stops, Facebook no longer works for you.

There's the secret. Now, Quit it with the bitching.

A Facebook account isn't a birthright. You can leave any time. If not, play the game.