But I hate talking to people! It fills me with anxiety.

'm back from SDCC today, but I'm still on a con high so it's another con themed blog. This time about getting over the anxiety of talking to people.

First, I know. People are the worst. They have big fangs, and horns, and they breath fire...wait, that's dragons. And dragons are the best.

All kidding aside, I know that talking to people at cons, especially when there are sooo many people, can be incredibly frustrating and harrowing. I personally only have a couple of good hours a day in me to talk with people before it gets too taxing and I need a break.

And I really like talking to people. So I can only imagine what a shy, introvert must think. However, when we are at cons we MUST talk to people. We must engage them. It's the only way to drive sales.

Even if you have the cutest, most adorable content at your booth, engaging with the people will get you to sell more, or upsell into bigger products. It will drive revenue.

So here are some tips on talking to people.

1 - RECOGNIZE PEOPLE ARE NOT MONSTERS. I know this sounds silly, but we often make people more intimidating than they really are. These are people at shows that are there to have a good time. If they are walking by your booth the have a conscious desire to look at the thing you are buying. Plus...they are generally very nice.

2 - SAY HELLO AND ENGAGE IN SMALL TALK. One of the corniest lines I get away with all the time is "What's your favorite thing you saw so far?" It works because I really do want to know. We're stuck behind a stupid booth all day, and in the very small amount of time I get to check out stuff, I want to know what to spend my time seeing. You can't just engage and disconnect. You have to show legit interest in what they have to say.

3 - SHOW PASSION AS YOU TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU DO. If you engage in small talk, it will inevitably lead to them asking "So what do you do?" This is your time to shine. You have to muster all your energy and not just tell them the thing you do, you have to tell it to them with passion. This is they thing you devote every minute of your free time to doing. It's why you're at the con. Give them a reason to love it as much as you do, and they are more likely to buy.

If you can do all of that, you're going to have much better interactions with your fans. You will sell more, you will get more people onto your mailing list, and most importantly you will have more fun.

And fun is the most important driving factor to sales. If you love what you do, if people can see the passion in your eyes, if they believe in you, they will like you, and you will like them, and it will be a much better environment for everybody.