On the surface it sounds like of nutty, right? You don’t have money for your project, which is why you’re on Kickstarter to begin with. So of course you can’t afford a coach or a class to help you make your project a success, right? Honestly, I know how you feel. That’s how I felt before we designed Kickstarter University, but what I found was most people can’t afford NOT to hire one.


Because over 60% of Kickstarters fail.

Here’s the thing though, they don’t all fail in the same way. Some fail in the inception stage. Others fail by writing a poorly worded campaign. Still more fail by not driving traffic to their site, while other are successful, but they’ve spent so much money on stretch goals they end up in the red. All of these are failures, but there’s no catch all way to figure out what YOUR problem is. As a coach and instructor, here’s exactly why it’s worth it to get into a course that can pinpoint your issues and make sure you are set for the future.

No matter how much research creators do, there are critical mistakes which set them up for failure.

I was talking with a creator the other day, who was asking me why he wasn’t getting backers even though he was spending money on Facebook ads. I looked at his campaign and saw it was a mess. His video didn’t focus on what made his project different. His campaign was clumped into hard to read paragraphs, and his rewards were confusing with no core offer he was driving people to buy. And we figured that out in a couple of minutes chatting over Facebook. Now, he can take that information back and design something that works, without having to waste more money in a campaign that wasn’t designed properly. How many hundreds of dollars does he save with that knowledge? How many thousands of dollars more in pledges will he get? How many hours in lost time will he have to spend with his loved ones?

You can build coaching or classes into your budget!

That’s right. When you build a budget, you can add a line item for coaching to make sure you make enough to cover the cost! Is it guaranteed you’ll make your budget? Of course not. But coaches are very good at what they do. It comes down to this. You are trying to launch a career. 90% of people on Kickstarter aren’t thinking of their passion as a lifetime hobby. They want to succeed on such a massive scale they can make their passion their job. In business, almost every high powered executive or sports star has a coach advising them to make the right moves, find what’s broken, cut down wasted time, and make their business more profitable.

Studies show coaches get 5x return on investment.

That means even if you spend $1000 on a coach, you can expect to return $5000 in both increased revenue and decreased time loss. It might not happen on your first campaign, but you’ll build a solid foundation you can build on forever, replicate forever, and reap the rewards of somebody else’s pointed knowledge. Kickstarter is a great way to turn your passion into a career. However, you have to know the pitfalls. You have to know where to spend your time. You have to know what maximizes your dollar spent. You need the kinds of strategic planning only a coach or instructor can offer. There’s a reason universities exist, and courses are ubiquitous. It’s so that people can learn from somebody that’s been through it before and improve themselves.

Hope it helps. Make sure you sign up at www.freekickstartercourse.com and learn how to crush it on your next kickstarter