How you can use Kickstarter to build your audience from scratch

I love Kickstarter. It’s become ubiquitous with crowdfunding, creating projects, and growing the creative community.


It’s led to a golden age of movie, comics, books, and art.


However, most people miss out on the single most important way to use Kickstarter: to build your

audience from scratch.


As a creative there’s a good chance you’ve got a project aching to get out into the world. Either you’re

outlining it, writing it, or finished it. You may have even published it…but if you’re like 99% of people

your project quickly fell on its face through incredibly lackluster sales.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could release a book and have it go to the top of the charts, pay for itself,

generate income, and build your authority in the process?


It can! Do you know why it doesn’t happen for you? Because you don’t have an audience willing to buy

your book, and the authority to show you make good product.


That’s where Kickstarter can help you. It’s not just a website to beg your friends for money. It can be

strategically implemented to build your audience and give you the most important thing any creator can

have: a list of people that will pay for your content.


How? Here are three very simple ways you can use Kickstarter to build your audience.


1. Determine who you know that will pay for your product.

Your current Facebook friends, twitter followers, and even work contacts are your first step

toward building an audience. You need to determine which one of those will PAY for your

content, because it won’t be all of them.


2. Find new audiences through Kickstarter discover tool.

Kickstarter is the only platform where its audience looks for new content en masse. There are

trickles in other platforms, but Kickstarter really trained their audience to look for other cool

projects. So new people will find your project through the campaign.


3. Build authority by demonstrating success.

Everybody knows and trust Kickstarter, and by having a successful project you immediately build

credibility with your audience and your new audience. Unlike Amazon or any other publishing

platform, people can see your success in exact figures, and people know how hard it is to have a

successful project.


BONUS: At the end of the campaign you get a list of buyers interested in your product and

willing to buy from you again!


So many creators are looking for a way to break out from the thousands of other projects on Amazon or

other platforms, and Kickstarter is a great way to find your audience, build your audience, and

communicate with your audience, even if you don’t have one person on your mailing list right now.


Hope that helps. Head over to to get a head start on your career.