If you say you cant do it too you are only bullshitting yourself.

Here’s the problem with people. We are very good at convincing ourselves what we’re doing is right and making a change can’t happen. 

If you’re not starting your business, you’ll make an excuse. If you’re not writing your book, you will figure out a reason to make yourself feel better about it. 

It’s all horseshit. All of it. 

The biggest excuse I get when I talk to people is “Well, it’s easy for you. You’re outgoing.” 

Horse. Shit. 

I am more outgoing than some, it’s true. But I’m also intrinsically unlikable. I used to hate everybody on principle. I was incredibly polarizing. I easily made enemies. I had no filter. I just wanted to create. I was a pill. 

Frankly, most people didn’t like to be around me. 

There’s a really good chance most people STILL don’t like me. But regardless, even though I had that one positive I was riddled with negatives. Riddled with them, and still am. 

But I worked through them. I still work through them. 

The thing is I didn’t let all that stuff stop me. I made a list of all the stuff I wasn’t good at, namely sales and marketing. Also, just generally being a good person who people liked to be around. 

I took all that stuff and I worked on them until they were strengths of mine. Until I could go out and make people want to buy my book because I was personable and nice. 

Yes I could always talk to people, but they would usually be turned off by me. I had to take the part about me about being outgoing and mold the personality around it so it worked for my business. 

We’re not going to be the same. You will have different strengths and weaknesses. They might be the exact opposite as mine. But the point is you can do it. 

You are only lying to yourself if you say you can’t.