One of my goals for 2016 is to only work on projects, with people, and for companies that I believe in fully.I know that's not possible for everybody. Heck, it's not even been possible for me historically.However, in the past couple of months I've been able to devote myself almost fully to causes, projects, initiatives, and business opportunities that I fully believe in and want realized.

These are things I not only want to get out into the world but think NEED to get out into the world. Before this year, I've worked on projects, for businesses, and sold products that I couldn't give two shits about, honestly.

I sold widgets and widgets were widgets. One widget wasn't measurably better than the other. I moved from selling shitty widgets to okay widgets to great widgets, but in the end a widget was a widget. Now, that's not the case. Now I really, really care about everything I'm doing, and I can see the difference in my life. Not just in my productivity, and certainly not my income, but also in my general mood.

I'm not saying you should start your own company, or quit your job to work for a non-profit. I am saying that the idea of doing what you love is real...and it's really important.

What I am saying is there are calculated risks you could take to live a better life. Maybe not something that makes you richer financially, but something that makes you a richer person. Something that makes you not groan when Monday comes around. Maybe there are companies you can work for that share your values better than your current one, or something you can do on the side that can build into your life's work. Maybe it's just getting out of a shitty relationship (sexual or friendship) and aligning yourself with people that see the world the way you see the world. I know friends found that when they've switched companies. They loved what they did, and liked where they used to work, but their new companies allowed them to flourish.

I never understood that until recently.

I have been a bitter, anger, mean-spirited person most of my life. I've worked on it a lot in the past few years, with varying success. Now that I'm embracing the idea of doing what you love with who you love, damn if my personality isn't 100% different.

Damn if I can't see the good in people. Damn if I can't end my day feeling good about myself.

It didn't happen overnight. It doesn't happen overnight. And every day I worry that it could all collapse under the sheer weight of what I'm trying to do.

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