Interesting Kickstarter Facts

Interesting Kickstarter stats time. We're about to enter our last week, which is crucial. However, the stats from our first three weeks are equally important and can hopefully help your planning. We currently sit @ $5964. Week 1 we raised $3983. Week 2 we raised $1330 Week 3 we raised $651.

I cheat on week 3. I gave it 9 days, instead of 7, because it was super depressing on week 3.

For those stat nerd like me, that means we had a 67% dropoff week 1 to week 2 and another 49% dropoff week 2 to week 3.

It also means we RAISED 67% of our funds in week 1, 22% in week 2, and 11% week 3.

I've only seen stats with the final week included, which is generally very high. I wonder if this tracks with anybody else's stats.