It never gets easier to launch a product

Let’s say you’ve done a few product launches before as I have through my publishing company, Wannabe Press.

You would think that each launch after the first couple would be less horrifying, right?

You would think that with each new launch there would be calm and peace because we knew what we were doing right?

I mean after all, we pretest all our products. We validate the ideas. We give them to beta readers. We talk about them for months beforehand. We know they are good products that people want.


It never gets easier. That feeling in the pit of my stomach never goes away. I actually talk about it on this episode of my podcast. I talk about how every launch is filled with fear.

For me it’s because we try to push the boundaries of what we’re comfortable with in every product launch. We always try to expand, to grow, to be better.

With Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter it was seeing if people even wanted what we had to offer at all.

With Katrina Hates the Dead it was determining if people would come back to again if I didn’t guilt them into buying.

With My Father Didn’t Kill Himself it was seeing if people would buy into us becoming a novel publisher and accept me as an author instead of a creator.

In each case we were successfully! But prior success doesn’t necessarily determine future success. It just makes that success more likely.

Now with our new Kickstarter for I Can’t Stop Tooting: A Love Story, it’s seeing if people will accept us as a publisher of other people’s books.

See Wannabe Press has been almost all my books since it’s inception in 2014, but that’s not sustainable for growth. I can’t write everything we do, nor do I want that for the company.

We need other people’s products to help push us to the next level.

So this is the next stop for us. We need it to go well. It’s something we’ve never done before. It’s something that we can train for over and over again. It’s something that we can drill.

But no matter how much you know about your audience and your product…there is still the unknown. There is still the possibility that it will all come crashing down.

They say in publishing you are only one bad book away from it all coming unraveled. It’s the same with most products.

It’s already happened once this year with Kickstarter University, something that was supposed to be the main driver of income shat the bed…hard, and we had to pivot.

With entrepreneurship you are like a basketball player…because you have to pivot all the time…but I really don’t want to pivot on this one. It’s time to be a big boy publisher and start putting out other people’s books.

And that is where my fear comes from…because I want it so bad. Because I need it so bad. Because it’s so important. I don’t think that will ever go away, because every product launch is filled with fear.

So check out our new Kickstarter here. It’s a really cool kid’s book about farting and acceptance.

Russell Nohelty is a writer, publisher, and consultant. He runs Wannabe Press which creates content for rebellious weirdos. He also has a podcast called The Business of Art which helps creatives build businesses the right way.