Live Episode 2: Long Beach Comic Expo with Don Walker, Rob Worley, Kyle Roberts, Joenell Luma, William O'Neill, DJ Kirkbride, and Joelle Sellner

We did another live event! This time at Long Beach Comic Expo! We had a great time at the show, and I came back with the froggiest of throats. However, I muscled through to show you exactly why live events are so important, and I talked to a bunch of amazing creators.

Don Walker is the creator of Agent Wild and Reaper Corps, and he is the man when it comes to Kickstarter. You can find him on twitter @dork_empire_ink and at
Kyle Roberts is a great artist. Art teacher by day, creator by night. This dude knows art! He is an artist on Kill Trent Science Sleuth with is a public domain character reimagined with new creators. It had two successful Kickstarter projects. He's also the creator of The Dark Hours, a horror western limited series. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @kyleroberts_art.
Joenell Luma is an artist and had one of my favorite marketing gimmicks at the con. He wore an apron and welding mask the whole day. I loved it. Also, his art was fantastic which always helped. He created a cute little animal called the Unicoon, which loves to cosplay. You can find him on instagram @the_zen_lu and on twitter @unicoonsarereal.
William O'Neill is an official Star Wars artist, who came up with a brilliant idea to sell his art. He took pages from old Star Wars books and drew Characters in those pages, and then framed them. I've never seen anything like it. You can find him online at and on twitter @gentlemannerd42. He also loves cosplaying as Riker from Star Trek: TNG.
DJ Kirkbride writesThe Bigger Bang for IDW and Amelia Cole for MonkeyBrain, along with co-edited Popgun, You can find him on twitter @djkirkbride or
Joelle Sellner has written tons of everything from animation to live action to comics. She's written on sorority Eva through LionsForge, Ben 10, Sonic Boom, The Avengers and more. You can find her on twitter @whereisjoelle and online