Making Money Making Comics, my strategy

here's a LOT of doom and gloom in the comics business, specifically about making money. Specifically about not making money. There are a couple good articles about making money too. You can find two of my favorites here and here.

Even the positive articles are not very positive, while the negative articles make you want to slit your own wrists.

And it's true. Making money in creativity is hard. People think creativity is cheap, that books are overpriced, and there is a glut of good content out there.

I've worked in lots of industries and the creative ones have never been profitable. I've owned two production companies and a photography studio before Wannabe Press, and they failed spectacularly...though we did get a web series out of BNS Media Group.

It's a hard make money with such low margins and relatively small customer base. In my opinion, only a fool would try to make sense out of it.

Enter a fool.

That being said, I have a plan. A plan is all you can hope for in a business like this. It involves crowdfunding, web comics, ninjas, and haikus...those less of the last two.

Here's my plan.


Everything that I plan on releasing in print will first come out as a web comic to build an audience.


When the web comic launches (or soon after) we put the completed arc online for everybody to buy. So many people don't want to read web comics until they are done, so we're going to have that ability to give them what they want if they choose to pay for it, either through ebook or print.


For more ambitious projects we will turn to Kickstarter, building on our audience for Ichabod (and hopefully Katrina) to make something amazing, bold, and big.


We have a couple of book stores that are warm to us right now, but we need more. I'm going to use my extensive sales training to cold call book stores, combine that with Barnes and Noble and other retailers to get these books into as many hands as possible.


This is the #1 way we sell books. They only happen a few times a year, but I do more business at cons then I do online by a factor of 10 (except for Kickstarter). We're going to expand our reach from SOCAL to the west region (Phoenix, Seattle, Denver) and then to the country (DC, NYC, Chicago) to hit the biggest cons in the country with wonderful books.


Once the full platform is launched, we're going to put advertising on as many sites as we can afford to build the audience for all the books. There will be cross promotion of everything and there should be something for everybody.

The goal is for Wannabe Press to be a destination for highly curated content that is available on both the web and in print.

We only have space for 6 total books: 1 running every day and 5 more to run once a week. It's an ambitious goal, I know. It's a crazy goal I'm sure, but it's a goal that is attainable in the short term to make and keep this company in the black.