Miniseason 1 - Ep 9 - Launching a Kickstarter: The Fatigue Sets In

This week, my friends, the fatigue set in. I usually run 30ish day campaigns, but this one was 40 days. I was told by multiple people to do the longest campaign possible, so I tried it. As one person, I do not recommend it. 

I mean we had to do it, because we'll be at LBCE this weekend, as well as at two conventions next weekend, The GLAWs digital conference and Pasadena Comic and Toy Show. We HAD to have the Kickstarter live for both of those. 
However, we have so much going on these days. We have the launch of Katrina Hates the Dead at LBCE, the launch of the Gherkin Boy paperback to plan for Wonder-con, along with Kickstarter University's continued launch (and official launch later this month). We also offically announced our new chidren's book I Can't Stop Tooting: A Love Story, coming to Kickstarter on April 5th. You can head to to check it out. 
It's a lot to manage, and I'm only one person, but I know one thing. If I'm fatigued so is the audience. We're going to do one more final week push, push it hard at the live shows, and then we'll be done. I can't wait for the wrap up.