Ranterlude 4: I'm Having Success, Why Am I So Depressed?

Today I talk about something that's taboo even for me, and I don't think anything is taboo. I talk about the massive depression I've been feeling recently, even in the face of overwhelming success. 

It's something that entrepreneurs face all the time, and nobody talks about because we're just supposed to talk about the good time. I don't roll like that. I love talking about the bad times, and the weird times, and exactly what I'm feeling right now. That's what these little episodes are all about. 
Because I think that's what helps people. I think that's where real value is, in being straight forward. So yeah, I've been feeling massively depressed recently. A couple of rungs above I can't get out of bed. It only in talking about it that I get out of my own head. I've never been depressed before, not really. I've been thoroughly bummed out a lot in my life, but this is different somehow. 
I trey to understand in on this episode. Why it's happening. Why now that I'm finally having success am I in such a bad head space. 
So I hope this help, even if it's just one of you.