The $1 Kickstarter Strategy

Comixlaunch, one of the best podcasts that deals with Kickstarter that I've dealt with, used us as a case study this week to discuss our $1 Kickstarter Campaign for My Father Didn't Kill Himself.

If you want analysis, hard facts and numbers, this is a great podcast. However, it does make some assumptions I don't like, and I'll cover them here.

- When it starts talking about campaigns that set a $2000+ goal, they only talk about successful campaigns instead of all campaigns. And successful campaigns are less than 50% of all campaigns, and having a success means you kind of know what you are doing.

-Additionally, the $11k average fund is inclusive of places like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and others that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those kinds of campaigns would not exist at the $1 level b/c they already have an audience.

Aside from that I think this is a great analysis. I especially liked when he talked about the $2-$25 goal. So check it out.