The Magic formula for making money in comics

Alright. Here it is, the magic, secret sauce for making money in comics. 

1. Make a comic issue for a reasonable price = less than $3,000/issue. You might need to cut page count or something, but honestly $2,000 is the real sweet spot. 

2. Make sure your books are no more than 150 pages at the end of the day. Write arcs or complete stories to those specs. 100-150 is the sweet spot for selling it high and buying it low. 

3. Invest in the production of 2 issues ($4,000). Expect to spend another $2,000 on printing to print 2,000 book. Selling those books out will net you $10,000 if you sell them @ full price. 

4. Now you are in the hole $6,000. You need to do some sort of preorder campaign to raise the funds for those books. Kickstarter, your own site, however you do it. 

5. With a good campaign, you can expect to raise $1000-$2500 on book one, and $1500 to $3000 on book two. If you do this right, you will either break even on all costs for the first OGN, or come close. 

6. Now, you have 100-150 pages of art, that is completely paid for, or close to it, you run another preorder campaign for the trade, which will net you the most money (Since you've built your audience with single issues) AND it will be all profit after you pay print costs. If you can raise $10,000 to print books, you will most likely be able to print 2,000 copies and only need to send out 400-500, giving you 1500 books of pure profit, or $30,000 of profit on a $20 trade. 

Then, rinse and repeat. I don't care how much you research. That's how you make money in comics. Argue, bitch, complain, all you want. Try to find another trick. There isn't one. That's how Marvel and DC have done it for years. That's how I do it. It's how it's done.