The Wall

We all hit it. Whether it's in our job. In our personal life. Or even with being creative. We hit a wall that doesn't allow us to continue -- or so we think. The wall is hard. It's the thing that runners say they get around mile 15-17 of a marathon. It's that moment when you're body gives out, and you want to give up, because it's too hard.

And you have a choice. You can either believe your body, and hit that wall, and not continue. Or you can push through it.

Because on the other side of that wall is a second wind. It's a revived spirit. And it's finishing that race.

I came to this a few months ago, when I stared at the screen and just couldn't go on. I was 45k into my first book of the year. I was tired. My mind was weak. I just wanted to go home and go to bed.

Except that I was at home on the couch. So it wouldn't have been very hard to accomplish that.

But instead, I kept my keys on the keyboard. I kept watching youtube, answering emails, checking blogs, and reading facebook. But every so often I would keep going back and looking at the screen. And eventually, my fingers started typing.

It didn't have to be good. And it didn't have to make that much sense. It just had to keep writing through it.

And I passed 50k that day. And I kept going. Because I pushed through and kept going