People use Kickstarter in many ways. They try to raise funds up front for a project. They try to raise it in the middle. They try to raise for projects that have no art; that have no creative team; that barely have a concept.But there is one surefire way that Kickstarter is most effective: As a preorder campaign.

That means that the project is done and all you are looking for is funds to distribute the project. Of course, you could try to raise all the capital that went into making the project as well, as long as it doesn't blow your goal past your audience's fund ability. It's simple. People want to see a finished product. They want to see what they are funding is actually going to happen. They are sick of funding pipe dreams. Since you don't have a proven track record of success, all you have is your finished product. I know it means putting the money upfront at the beginning, but every company has done this since the beginning of time. And I know it means making a smaller project that you originally thought. However, that's how you start building a fanbase. Small projects grow into big ones.

But that's the "secret" if I have one to give. Your chances of success go up exponentially if your project is done. So try to Kickstart a finished project.

Hope it helps. Make sure to check out freekickstartercourse.com too in order to start your journey on the right foot.