Why Metric Are Rock Stars, and How it Applies to Your Business

This past weekend I went to four events: a wedding, a speaking engagement at a writer’s conference, a comic-con where I was selling books, and a Metric concert.

I have a very unpopular opinion on live music. I hate it. If I never went to a live show again it would be too soon. The floors are sticking, you stand for hours, and the artists never sound very good.

I never understood why anybody would want to go to a live show. Until last night. When I saw Metric take the stage in the House of Blues and the people flip out, I got it.

It’s about connection. It’s about meeting somebody in person who you’ve only heard on the radio, and inhabiting the same space as them for even a little bit.

When they went into their encore, which I also hate, the lead singer spoke to the audience about how they have been touring since 2002.


That’s 14 years of touring to promote albums, build an audience, get booked into bigger venues, and get their music into the pop zeitgeist (they had my favorite song in Scott Pilgrim).

It hit me like a ton of bricks. They did exactly what I tell everybody to do: get out to live events because it’s the best way to build their brand.

Look, do radio edits sound better? For sure. They sound perfect. In the same way your podcast, blog, and emails sound perfect.

But that’s not what live events are about. I’ve messed up at live event more times that I can remember.

And yet, people forgive.

Because being at the live events and making that connection eye to eye is 100x more important than perfection.

Knowing you and not just your work is going to account for more sales than anything.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sold a book just on sheer personality alone, and then that person liked the book and bought more.

So be like Metric. Get out there and tour, meet your customer, and build a connection with them. It will make all the difference in your business.