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Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter

a psychopath's work is never done

A psychopath escapes from a mental asylum and becomes a monster hunter during the apocalypse with the unwelcome help of the voice in his head. except you never know if he's killing monsters, humans, or it's all in his head. This is a story about perception is a complete graphic novel that turns everything you know on it's head and makes you dive deep into the darkest recesses of your psyche. 

This hardcover is exclusively available on our website. There are other additions available on Amazon. BUY


Katrina Hates Dead Shit

how much would the apocalypse suck? 

What would you do if the Apocalypse hit tomorrow? Would you run for the hills, cower in fear, or fight for your life? Katrina fought. She fought for two years. She fought until she got sick of monsters and decided to do something about it. Now, she's headed to Hell to kill the Devil and bring back some peace and quiet into her life. Join Katrina on this action packed graphic novel into the pits of Hell and back, full of the best monsters from Greek, Roman, and Judeo-Christian mythology. You'll see demons, angels, zombies, minotaurs, hydras, and more.

This hardcover is exclusive to our site, at shows, and very select retailers. Other editions are available on Amazon. BUY



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Pixie Dust

living is the best revenge

What would you do for revenge? 

Akta is the greatest monster hunter in all of King Odgeir's kingdom. She's smart, fast...oh and she's also a pixie, a magical race that can disappear and reappear at will using magical pixie dust. King Odgeir is obsessed with using Akta's pixie dust to create a race of super soldiers, but Akta refuses to give it up, so King Odgeir poisons Akta and takes it for himself.

But Akta will not give up. She travels through Hell, sell her soul to the queen of the underworld, and come back from the dead to seek revenge on the king that betrayed her. If she succeeds, she can live in bliss for the rest of eternity, but if she fails, she must suffer for both of their crimes. BUY


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Monsters and Other Scary Shit

an anthology about monsters

Our first anthology raised over $27,000 on Kickstarter at launch. Monsters and Other Scary Shit is thirty stories about monsters from cute to scary and everything in between. Filled with over 50 creators, and with a special glow in the dark cover, this anthology is the bomb. BUY

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Cthulhu is Hard to Spell

an all ages anthology about the gods and monsters of Lovecraft

Our second anthology raised over $39,000 on Kickstarter, and is the first one that we produced but did not published. This book is published by Source Point Press, and features 70 creators and 35 stories about the gods and monsters of Lovecraft. Because we are not the publisher, we do not offer it for sale from out site, but you can follow the buy link for the best place to buy the book currently. BUY

My Father Didn't Kill Himself

a mystery novel told all in blog posts

What would you do if suicide rocked your family?

Delilah's father is the greatest man she has ever known. When he commits suicide her world is shattered. She can't eat. She can't sleep. Her bubbly personality becomes bitter and mean. All she wants is to be left alone. When his insurance policy refuses to pay out, Delilah sets out to prove what she's known all along: that his suicide was in fact a murder. A story of getting over grief and learning those you idolize aren't perfect, told in blog posts through Delilah and her best friend. Get the books on Amazon, or buy the ebook on our site! BUY


Spaceship Broken, Needs Repairs

a science fiction novel about aliens and broken families

Sammy's had a tough life. His father is abusive. His mother is an alcoholic. He developed pulmonary fibrosis from asbestos and need an oxygen tank to breath.Sammy just wants a normal life, but when he meets a homeless alien that all changes. Now, he has to help her fix her ship and get off the planet. This is a book about families, broken homes, and the power of friendship. Whether you enjoy whimsy, dark humor, or coming of age stories, there is something for you inside these pages. Buy the book on Amazon, or get a 4gb USBee loaded with our most popular books, exclusively on this site! BUY


Gherkin Boy

a weird book about pickles

If you can find a weirder book, buy it. But also buy this one. Gherkin Boy is about a pickle that falls into a black hole and sets out on an adventure across the galaxy to get back home, aided by a lecherous fork, a homeless alien, and naked professor, and a criminal stick. It's hilarious, and weird, and a little bit of all right in your normal 9-5 world. Buy the book on Amazon, or get a 4 GB USBee drive filled with our most popular books, exclusively from our site. BUY