***If you have a Kickstarter, and would like to be considered for our weekly newsletter, please email your Kickbooster.me link to russell@wannabepress.com***

While we are not actively seeking submissions at any time, we are always on the lookout for cool projects. We only deal with COMPLETED graphic novels (100-150 pages), and novels (>70,000 words). We only work with people that we know, like, and trust, so the best recommendation we have is to find us on Facebook, Twitter, at shows or events, and get to know us. Then, over time that develops into a working relationship. 

In our effort to be transparent, these are the three main points in any deal. This deal is in place as long as we're in business and the book stays in print:

Creators receive: 

10% gross receipts from book and merchandising sales, paid quarterly and accompanied by a sales statement. Gross receipts are not net profits. These are right off the top after subtracting fees. 

50/50 ancillary property rights split. Whether we sell your property, or you sell your property, if there is a licensing deal we split it right down the middle. 

You can buy books or merchandising from us @ cost + 50%. If you want to buy merchandising or books from us, it will cost you 50% more than our cost + shipping + a $1.50 handling fee on each order. 

You are also able to continue making prints or other merchandising, given the following conditions: 

Each piece of merchandising you create does not compete with a SPECIFIC piece of merchandising currently being created by Wannabe Press. (i.e. if we're making a shirt with a specific character, you cannot make a similar print or shirt until we are out of print on that piece of merchandising.)

Your run can be no more than 100 copies per piece. 

You cannot license the property to any other company while under contract with Wannabe Press

You do not republish the book itself for resale. 

You will be given a stipend of 3 books for free. 

If you are interested, find us online or in person and chat with us. We only work with people we like AND who have incredible projects. Seriously, if you email our Facebook page with a submission we're going to say no. 

This deal is subject to change. We try to keep this updated as much as possible, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. 

What we're interested in: 

We sell to the rebels. Rebels that are obsessed with pop culture and question everything, especially authority. Punks, emo kids, Goths, Nerds, Geeks, Outlaws, Bandits. People that grew up outside the system until that system realized it was "cool", as if any of us did it because it was cool. 

Our audience likes to be entertained as much as it likes to think deeply about real issues that matter; nothing too tame or boring. We hide our messages under a thick layer of action...but there needs to be a message, a theme, something that matters. We like the humor in dark things. The darker the better. The more humor the better. We won't say there can't be humor without sadness, but it certainly helps. We want to shine light in the dark corners and show there's humor there too, in the places we're not supposed to go. 

Mostly, we write and publish for people that go against the grain, who give a big old middle finger to society, and specifically what it says we should think and do. 

Notice we didn't say anything about genre or format. That's because we don't care about that. We care about serving serves the misfits. We love genre. We love sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and horror.

We love comics, and video games, and books, and card games, and all of that. While most other publishing companies focus on marketing you a specific kind of book (novels, comics, etc), we focus on marketing to a type of person. The type of person that sees the big load of bull crap inherent in the system and can still laugh about it, go to work, and get stuff done. 

If you think you have something that fits in our brand, find us somewhere online and pitch us the concept. If we like it, then we might ask for more. However, we reject almost everything we read. 

Also, there's a reason we don't put our email address on this page. It's because we want to make it hard for you to contact us.